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Crop image tool is for cropping the specific area of the picture so by this you keep that specific portion and discard the unwanted portion. crop image tool is provided by which is the hub for tools related to images.Our crop image tool is easy to use with a very friendly user interface. Here's how to use it so get familiar with our tool.

How to crop image

  1. Browse or Drag & drop your file in the dropZone area.
  2. your selected image will appear below the dropZone area.
  3.  Crop Markers will appear on the image. Crop image by adjusting the marker area.
  4. when you get your desired image portion under the marker area. Just click the Crop button
  5. A Window will pop up having a preview of the Cropped image and a Download button also in the bottom of the window Click on the Download and your cropped image will start downloading.


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